Company dynamics

Manufacturing, processing

Manufacturing, processing and sales of alloy steel castings; machining. Self operated and various commodities and technologies (or commodities and technologies). ()

Development, production and sales. The following points are limited: coal mining, washing and processing, coal quality test; Mine water development; Newspaper publishing, advertising, cable television; Landscaping, crop and forest planting, flower and seedling planting, sales and consulting services; Casting and forging, riveting and welding processing, wood processing; Production and sales: coal and products, coke, coal products, rubber and plastic products, metal products, plastic steel products, ceramic products, products, blasting wires, wires, cables, building and decoration materials, plumbing products, gas and nitrogen. Wholesale and retail: metal materials, iron ore, iron concentrate powder, steel, non-ferrous metals, wood, hardware and electricity, instruments and meters, communication