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Proposal for a civilized and healthy Spring Festival

Proposal for a civilized and healthy Spring Festival

Dear citizens

The Spring Festival is coming. In order to further promote a civilized, healthy and green lifestyle, jointly strengthen epidemic prevention and control, and have a safe, civilized, healthy and peaceful Spring Festival, the municipal Civilization Office issued the following suggestions to the public:

1、 Civilized and healthy Spring Festival

We should consciously abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, actively cooperate with health monitoring, and advocate postponement of weddings, brief funerals, and no banquets. We advocate "cloud reunion" with family and friends through wechat, telephone, video and other means. Adhere to the scientific wearing of masks, frequent hand washing, constant ventilation, social distance, the use of chopsticks and spoons and other civilized behavior and good fashion.

2、 Thrifty for Spring Festival

To carry forward the traditional virtues of thrift and hard work, we should start from me and the little things around us, practice simple and moderate life, and order meals without extravagance and waste. Advocate "civilized dining table", promote "CD-ROM action", and reject "waste on the tip of the tongue".

3、 Low carbon and environmental protection for Spring Festival

We should advocate civilized sacrifice and online sacrifice, and try not to go to cemeteries and other places for centralized sacrifice and sweeping, so as to avoid cross infection. Do not set off fireworks in violation of regulations. We should actively practice the low-carbon and environment-friendly lifestyle, and make green travel such as public transportation, cycling and walking fashionable. We should deepen the patriotic health campaign, actively carry out health sweeping, and keep the environment clean, tidy, and orderly.

Love Chengdu, welcome the Universiade, stress civilization, establish new trends, celebrate the new year and prevent epidemic. Let each of us light up our Spring Festival with civilization, beautify our city, and spend a happy and peaceful Festival together!

I wish the people of the city a happy new year, good health, family happiness and all the best!